A semi-rough version for a logo and some examples of different ways it could be used.


Possibilities for the Logo. Three similar but quite different in effect on the viewer.

When used in a smaller scale, the type can take the full form as opposed to the broken type on the previous. This can make the logo readable when minute i.e letter heads, stamps, flyers even business cards.

a new york illustration show
example of using type rather than a logo
layered print?

Seems like people prefer the one with dots to the one without. If we went for this we would need to have a logo to go alongside it as it wouldn't work very well at a smaller size. I think the X with the diamond in the middle below would work well.

logo idea

Maybe the X from the typestyle below could work as a logo?


I like the previous post below, although I'm just worried it might not work so well for posters if we use that logo with a standard type face. Looking at some exhibitions which have really grabbed my attention through the design of the poster, it seems common that the best ones are mainly type based. This represents the show/ group as a whole and can be applied to any platform without losing its recognition.

Here are some examples:

These are all I could think of off the top of my head - add some more examples if you can guys?

I thought I'd post up my examples of typestyles which you've already seen but just so you can try out some aswell?

Possible Logo

The idea with having a simple clean logo is that it doesn't lean towards any particular style. The scroll spells 'MS' obviously for Mixed Special.

What we want to happen is to give a blank version of the logo to everyone on the course and for everyone to adapt the logo in any style they wish. As long as the logo is still at least a bit visible it will be pretty much free rain. We will then make a collection of everyone's adaptions of the logo for some print possibilities.
There have been talks of making 1 colour A3 screen prints of all the adaptions and for them to be given out at the final show.
We have also spoken about making a .gif for the website of all the versions people have submitted.

A mixed rough special